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IBR Packaging offers unparalleled services in the domain of stick pack packaging. We understand that today’s consumer values convenience and portability, which is why we design our stick packs to effectively cater to this demand. Stick pack is a convenient flexible packaging solution for products that require convenient packaging for customers who are on the go. Sports drinks, tea, coffee, and a variety of other powdered drinks work well in stick packaging.

We offer the highest quality stick packs produced on state-of-the-art flexible packaging equipment and provide a variety of sizes to choose from. At IBR Packaging, our stick pack packaging services is second to none. Our commitment to quality is evident whether we are handling multimillion-unit runs or smaller volumes for pilot stick pack runs. Stick packs can be bulk packed with the option for additional packaging services, such as low count bags, completion of point of purchase displays, or cartoning.


First introduced in 1996, stick packaging has gained popularity all over the world. Stick pack has opened a new market for portable, single-serve, packaging which allows producers to maximize marketing space and give consumers a more eco-friendly and easy to use alternative to traditional bulk-serve packaging. Stick packs have a fin seal which runs from top to bottom on the back of the pouch with a horizontal seal on either end.

It’s called stick packaging because it’s long, narrow, cylindrical shape resembles a stick. Many consumer products including vitamin drinks, pre-workout, recover, electrolyte drinks, or instant coffee. Even cosmetic products can be packaged in stick packaging. Although stick packs are most commonly used for retail applications, they can be used for trial or sample size product runs as well. We offer full color printed packaging which can be printed on front and back.

Stick pack packaging provides several benefits to both businesses and consumers. Businesses who employ this packaging option can enjoy cost savings from the reduced material usage in stick pack packaging compared to traditional packaging methods. Custom stick packaging is also available for companies that want to further optimize material usage when packaging their products.

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