OTC Drug Packaging

IBR Packaging offers specialized services in the realm of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines packaging. IBR Packaging is registered with the FDA to package OTC Drugs such as hand sanitizers, pain creams and sunscreen. We follow strict quality standards as required for cGMP and FDA OTC compliance. This ensures that the products we handle are packaged in a manner that maintains their quality and effectiveness. Our packaging is robust, secure, and tamper-evident, providing consumers with the assurance that their goods will arrive to them undamaged.

Our over-the-counter drug packaging solutions cater to various forms of OTC medications, including capsules, gummies, and liquid-based products. We also offer ointment and hand sanitizer packaging solutions. Our diverse portfolio of packaging solutions includes pouches, sachets, and stick packaging, offering you flexibility and convenience regardless of the OTC drugs you need to package.

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