Custom Pouches

Our expertise at IBR Packaging extends to the creation of custom pouches. We understand that your brand is unique, and we believe your packaging should reflect that. Whether you are looking for a pouch shaped like your retail product or a design that is completely out of the box, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

We have extensive experience with the production of shaped pouches. Using die cut pouches allows brands to be creative with their pouch designs. Shaped pouches can be used for all types of liquid applications such as cosmetic, OTC Drug, sauces and liquid supplements. The possibilities are truly endless!

Custom pouches are not just about aesthetics. They also offer practical benefits. For instance, a pouch designed to mimic the shape of the product inside can provide consumers with a visual cue about its contents, enhancing user experience.

At IBR Packaging, we partner with clients and offer pouch design services that will assist them in designing products and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in packaging. We invite you to collaborate with us and explore the endless possibilities that custom pouch packaging offers.

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